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Each 60 minute private one on one yoga class is customized to your needs,  tailored to your physical ability and your specific goals.  You can choose to focus on flexibility or strength, alignment or movement, trauma release or maybe spiritual growth. No matter where you are at with your yoga practice, beginner or expert you will gain deeper insight into self.

SALE $75 for three classes

you come to me

SALE $150 for three classes

I come to you

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call Stephen at 619 961 6970 to set up a class.



Corp. Yoga with Stephen

I bring Office Yoga to you, either in your break-room or any open space. I offer 60 minute Office Yoga classes designed to accommodate all level of yogi.  From Power Yoga to Restorative Yoga each Corporate Yoga class can be tailored to your needs.

I have completed a 200-hour certification and am registered through the Yoga Alliance and fully insured.


$150 In Office Yoga

First Class Free with agreement



Send the request form below or call at 619 961 6970 to set up a class.